Commercial Retail Space has been experiencing changes, from growing economy, then COVID, and now hybrid/reopened economy. Retailers have been adapting to more connective social experience both online and in-person. Although people have transitioned back to in-person shopping, retail shoppers are still making 37% of purchases online. As the focus on technology is growing, retailers must adapt to new retail trends and provide more in-person experience to produce strong traffic.


1.High Returns on The Investment-gross rental return is 9-12% on commercial property.

2.Longer Leases-Average tenant lease is 3-10years, they stay longer and invest capital into customizing the space.

4.No Rates and Other Expenses-Triple Net leases position all expenses on tenant-real estate tax, building insurance and maintenance.

Retail Space Trends 2022

  • Selling online is a MUST- shoppers want to be able to buy locally and national anytime regardless of their access to in-person shopping.
  • Omnichannel shopping experiences-integration of in-person experience and digital e-commerce experience.
  • Technology systems to assist retailers with labor shortages-AI enabled decision support for resilient business.
  • 12-24hr Delivery- in store returns option

Social commerce- Experiences that connect offline and online shopping